Chavittukali-Onathallu workshop at Arangottukara

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Reported by Rayson K. Alex

A workshop on Chavittukali and Onathallu was held on 22 April, 2009 at Arangottukara. The workshop was organised by Vayali Folklore Group in collaboration with National Folklore Support Centre and Kerala Folklore Academy.

The forenoon session saw the presentations of Mr.Suresh and Mr.Biju on the literary aspects of Chavittukali. In the Afternoon session, Chavittukali and Onathallu were performed by artists. There were nearly 200 persons gathered in the open ground for viewing and participating in the workshop. In the evening session, the documentary video, Nila Paranjathu, produced by National Folklore Support Centre and Vayali Folklore Group, was screened and people responded to it.

An Eco-bazaar stall was put to promote the work of art of artisans. Eco-bazaar displayed various kinds of fancy mud pots, jute products and some folk-medicines.

Sujil Kumar making lamp for the workshop
Sujatha bringing mud pots to Eco-Bazaar stall
Mud pots arranged in Eco-Bazaar Stall
Raghavan Payyanad speaking on Folklore and its changes
A Chavittukali asaan sharing his experiences in the workshop
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